About C.H.A.S.E. Fitness & Prices

C.H.A.S.E. Fitness, Child, health and structured exercise is a fitness company that is based in North London and specialises in children’s sport and fitness development.  All the trainers along with Marlon Hibbert are enhanced DBS checked, highly skilled professionals with over 4 years’ experience within the Health and Fitness Industry.  They are fully qualified in various areas such as personal training, children’s fitness instruction and physical activity, child weight management, acquire a first aid qualification and registered exercise professionals (REPs).

Working with children there is always a fun element and sometimes some of the children may come across challenges, we aim to focus on the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).  The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provisions in the Children and Families Act 2014 were introduced on 1 September 2014.

Our main priority is making sure the children get the right support they need, making them feel less isolated and more comfortable attempting tasks that will help them focus on their school work and achieve academic success.  We have found that the reward at the end is so much greater in helping the next generation to live a healthier lifestyle and making parents aware of the choices they make.  We deliver fun and structured functional exercise sessions in and out of school that will help your child improve their physical fitness, their movement, their full body strength and build up confidence during classes and throughout their journey to adulthood.

We provide both personalized fitness training to children living in Greater London, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, C.H.A.S.E. Fitness believes in asking children to undergo strenuous exercises and explains to them the difference between low and high intensity workouts and the benefits for both.  The focus of our training is to improve overall fitness of children by increasing their stamina and core strength of their bodies.

Children enrolling in our fitness training program have shown tremendous results not just in terms of improved physical fitness but also giving excellent performance in sports and even academics at their schools.  If you are frustrated by the poor physical fitness of your child, you can contact us anytime by email, phone or on our Instagram page so we can help in improving your child’s fitness.


C.H.A.S.E. Fitness is a company that is devoted to lend a helping hand in improving the fitness of children around the country, the company has designed a fun filled fitness program that shows results without boring or making them feel tired.  The services of the company can be broadly divided into three categories namely:

  • Personal Training
  • Children’s Activities
  • Group Training

Personal Training

(Under 18’s) Hourly rate: £18.00.

(18 and over) Hourly rate: £28.00.

Packages for (Under 18’s)

4 Sessions: £72.00

8 Sessions: £134.00 (save £10.00)

12 Sessions £201.00 (save £15.00)

16 Sessions £263.00 (save £25.00)

Packages for (Over 18’s)

4 Sessions: £112.00

8 Sessions: £216.00 (save £8.00)

12 Sessions: £321.00 (save £15.00)

16 Sessions: £424.00 (save £24.00)

As the name implies, this is a service that is personalized in nature and looks after the fitness of the child in individual capacity.  Parents enrolling their children under this service receive personalized service through trainers who work hard with their children.  The results of this personal training are very encouraging are services are fine-tuned keeping in mind the body, age, and the aptitude and attitude of the child.  Personal training provided by our trainers focuses mostly on making children agile, full of energy and athletic.  Our Personal training sessions for children consist of boxing, body weight exercises, circuit training using light weighted equipment and developing core strength.  We also provide personal training to adults at a very competitive price either in the comfort of their home or in our gym.  Our packages can be made to fit around our client’s daily routine and help them to achieve results regardless of their lifestyle, we take online bank transfers and our specialities in Personal training are listed below:

Fat Burn

Core Strength


Children’s Activities

This is a service that is provided in and outside of schools the focus of the trainers while working with children is to improve their physical fitness through physical activities.  Interesting, fun filled activity sessions release any apprehensions or fears that children have and make them take part with full interest.  Emphasis is given to 6 primal movements that are lacking in the lives of children around the country in present times, these 6 movements are as follows

  1.  PUSH
  2.  PULL
  3.  LUNGE
  4.  SQUAT
  5.  TWIST
  6.  BEND

Group Training

(Hourly prices are open to negotiations)

This is an additional service along with individual adult training we also provide making sure C.H.A.S.E. Fitness offers a variety of different activities for all ages to partake in.  Group training has benefits such as building confidence, socialising with people that may also share your same goals who can motivate you and each other in the training session.

Children’s fitness birthday parties

Parties range from £100.00 to £180.00 for one hour and 30 minutes

Birthday parties with a fitness theme is something that we take pride in doing because we understand that a child’s birthday is important to them and their parents that’s why we always make sure we deliver the best service possible.  Prices for birthday parties start from minimum £100.00 for one hour and 30 minutes depending on the amount of children present.  Our parties consist of fun and games and have a fitness theme which the children always love after or before they have their cake.

Kids Fitness + Fun

Pay as you go for one hour: £10.00

4 Sessions £30.00 (save £10.00)

8 Sessions £60.00 (save £20.00)

2 Children deal: Pay for one child the other child can attend for half price.

We deliver a fun filled fitness class for children from 6-13 years old called Kids Fitness + Fun to get your child fitter and stronger, our class is every Tuesday at 4.30pm through the blue doors in Saint Andrews church in Southgate N14 5PP right next to Asda.

This class is unique and consists of circuit training using very light weights and body weight exercises including fun and games, the aim of the session is to get children aware of the benefits of exercise and perform correct techniques.

Marlon realised how important it was to stretch and the benefits of maintaining flexibility as he grew older, once you are in a routine and know how important exercise is it becomes a lifestyle.

Make 2019 a great year for you and your family!