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Welcome to the website of C.H.A.S.E. Fitness C.H.A.S.E. is an acronym that stands for Child Health And Structured Exercise, we came into existence realising the importance of a fun filled fitness session to look after the fitness of children around London.

Marlon Hibbert the founder of C.H.A.S.E. Fitness worked with a child from Great Ormond Street Hospital on a weekly basis in a gym for many weeks and delivered many children’s classes in leisure centers for years.  With decreased physical activity levels and increasing consumption of fatty and junk food has lowered fitness levels of children around the country and Marlon could see this.

He decided to do something about this and he came up with personalised fitness sessions that are designed to improve the fitness of the children in a fun filled manner.

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Here at C.H.A.S.E. Fitness we focus on the fundamentals of children’s fitness such as core strength that will improve athletic performance and posture which can effect a child’s self-esteem.  We incorporate a variety of the 6 primal movements in sessions which are Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Bend and Twist, we also will give you regular updates on your child’s progress.

Playing sports can be fun but if you don’t have core strength, stamina and full body strength children won’t be playing sports to the best of their ability and will see a decline in performance as they get older.  We offer a variety in our sessions with the use of light weighted equipment such as slam balls and kettlebells, we include skipping, bodyweight exercises, boxing and helping children develop core strength and perform the correct technique during exercise.

C.H.A.S.E. Fitness takes pride in reaching goals set by our trainers working closely with parents in and out of school communicating via email, we make sure their child gets the best form of structured exercise and support they need during the school term.  We also offer nutritional advice to parents whose children receive free schools meals and make them aware of the dangerous combination of inactivity and junk food.


I have had the pleasure of meeting Marlon at my local gym Southgate Leisure Centre a few years ago and I can honestly say he is one of the nicest guys I know as well as top trainer!
I have attended numerous of his adult classes and have thoroughly enjoyed each class as well as felt the real meaning of working out. But my favourite thing about Marlon is his boxing sessions, If you really want to know and see how fit he really is you need to try out one of these sessions with him! he will work you to the bone whist teaching you how to properly box and move! I have been so impressed with his overall attitude to fitness that he now even trains my 15 year old son who also really enjoys his sessions. I can't express enough how good of a trainer he is and am confident in saying that he will really progress to bigger things in life if he continues at this pace!



My daughter Natasha, now 13, was already a regular runner when she decided to further develop her core strength and endurance. Marlon has really encouraged and helped her in this for example by devising and supervising circuits which have been challenging, safe but also fun. In addition he advised her on treadmill routines to develop her stamina,
Marlon is very knowledgeable but it is his warm, engaging personality which has always made Natasha keen to train with him or seek him out for advice.
I would highly recommend Marlon as a personal trainer....


My daughter is 13 years old and attended junior fitness classes with Marlon at Southgate Leisure Centre mid-May in 2016, she felt a bit shy to attend but just a few classes with Marlon she was so happy and very enthusiastic to go back each week. She used to always enjoy her classes making new friends and enjoyed trying new bodyweight exercises along with games and circuit training. We started to see a positive change in her physique, along with an increase in flexibility, she became more health conscience and her body started to change and become more athletic. In these early years it is very important to make sure your children is either into sport or exercise and definitely nothing is better than the training Marlon gave Alex, the best trainer for all of us!!

Rocio Galan

"Marlon has been working with our seven year old daughter for the last six months in this time we have seen such a positive change in her self confidence and approach to exercise generally. She has achieved so much with his continued support and encouragement and now views her training sessions, and other forms of exercise, as a regular and most importantly fun part of her week".

Natasha Murray